Junk Removal

Our junk removal services are built for those people that currently have a bit of a mess and need some help clearing things out. If you’ve read through some of the other pages on the site you’ll know that we are not overly picky about the type of junk that you can put into the dumpsters that we rent out. The same thing goes for our junk removal services. Let us know what the situation is and we’ll be able to set up a service that is perfectly built to help you with the particular needs that you may have!

How Much Junk Can You Pick Up?
We are going to be able to pick up as much junk as we can fit into the dumpster. Even though you are not necessarily renting a dumpster in this service we are obviously going to need to bring a dumpster along to be able to provide the service. If you have doubts about what size dumpster could fit your needs best we would be more than happy to explore your situation and make the necessary suggestions. If we are clearing out an empty lot for example and we run out of room in the dumpster we can always come back the next day and finish the job. These are all things that we will have probably discussed ahead of time.

Moving Services
Another one of the scenarios where people tend to call us up is when they happen to be moving. These situations are interesting because certainly a lot of junk piles up. Yet, there are times where you don't want to throw everything out. We can adjust our services to give you a chance to at least give a final verdict on what you want to throw out and what you want to keep. We won’t just be racing through your house and throwing everything out. Unless that’s what you want us to do.

Empty Lot Clearing
Clearing out an empty lot is something that we actually get plenty of calls about. Usually, we are going to want to get a chance to see the place before we send out our crew to get the job done. There are a couple of ways that we could actually get this done. Sometimes people have a landscaping crew deal with all of the weeds and things of that nature. What we’ll do is then swing by and pick up all the green waste. We can also tackle the challenge ourselves entirely.   

Just A Pick Up Service
Another option that can be on the table for you is to just have us pick up bags of junk or even piles of junk from your property. You don’t necessarily need to rent out a dumpster. These services can be a bit more efficient as well. You can send over pictures of the junk that you want us to collect and this will allow us to get a sense of the size of the dumpster that we need to bring along.

Premium Junk Removal Services From Premium Professionals

Your needs for residential and commercial junk removal and recycling can be satisfied by the Bay Area Dumpster team. Our team of expert local movers and junk removal specialists is equipped to handle all of the heavy liftings, packing, and recycling that comes with clearing out your cluttered space, whether you're moving offices or into a new home. Additionally, we can help with specialized cleaning requirements like storm recovery, hoarding cleanup, estate cleanouts, and storage unit clearing.

Additionally, we make sure that our junk removal services in St Petersburg FL are provided with integrity, respect, and trust. For your convenience, we are happy to transport both large and small items. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we try to recycle or donate your old items whenever we can. 

If your trash isn't recyclable or reusable, we'll dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way we can to reduce our carbon footprint. A junk removal company may be necessary if you have junk accumulating in your living room, basement, or garage. When you call Bay Area Dumpster, we will come and remove any unwanted items from your home or place of business that you are unable to get rid of on your own for a fee. Old appliances, furniture, various scraps, building supplies, and many other items are included in junk removal. Our junk removal company has the advantage of frequently accepting large, bulky items that your typical trash collection company won't take. However, some items are prohibited by our junk removal service. When you need storage, to move, or to clean out your home, call Bay Area Dumpster. We have the equipment needed to haul away your junk so you won't have to lift a finger, and our helpful, knowledgeable team is here to help.

What Junk Items CAN We Take?

Getting ready to move soon? Preparing your house? Getting your house clean of unnecessary clutter? Organizing your estate or office? Bay Area Dumpster can help you organize your space and remove your clutter-causing junk. For all of your hauling needs, our highly recommended junk removal service offers quick service and simple solutions. Our junk removal specialists accept a wide range of household items in addition to junk. We give good-condition items to charities. But among the most widely acknowledged items are these:

Box springs
Filing cabinets

Copy machines
Hot tubs
Stoves and ovens
Air conditioners
Water heaters

Trash compactors
Construction waste
Bagged garbage
Yard waste
Scrap metal

What Junk Items CAN'T We Take?

We won't take everything, as we've already stated. Anything toxic or dangerous will not be removed by our team. Remember that our junk removal service won't remove anything that is too heavy to lift or that is situated in a hazardous area. The list of things that our neighborhood junk removal service probably won't accept is provided below.

Household cleaners
Fluorescent light bulbs


Pressurized containers
Medical waste

Our Junk Removal Process

Our junk removal service requires an appointment, and a small crew will show up with a sizable box truck. You will demonstrate the items you want to be removed from the junk to them. They will give you a price quote after looking at your items. If you agree on the price, we will be prepared to remove your junk removal items right away.Don't worry - we are experts at junk removal. We made it a part of our name because we are so familiar with it. For your residence or place of business, we offer solutions for junk removal and recycling. Yes, even in your attic, basement, or backyard—our eco-friendly junk removal specialists in St Petersburg FL will remove all non-hazardous items, construction debris, and yard waste from anywhere on your property and responsibly dispose of all unwanted clutter and debris.

Junk removal businesses exist to make it simpler for people to get rid of unwanted items without having to do the actual hauling. Junk removal companies take the hassle out of clearing out the clutter by providing labor and a practical method of disposal. Of course, the types of junk removal items that these services will accept are subject to some restrictions.

Additionally, dealing with Bay Area Dumpster is simple.
 1. We show up on time for the appointment.
 2. Show the members of our team the trash you want them to pick up or the labor you need.
 3. Unwind—we will handle the work.

It really is that easy!

FAQ#1: After we haul it away, what happens to the trash?

Many people prefer to get rid of their trash as soon as possible. But mindful consumers may be curious about where it all goes. Knowing that our junk removal company in St Petersburg FL recycles or donates as many of the items we remove as possible may give you some peace of mind. For instance, we'll provide shoes for the homeless, couches for veterans, and toys for young children. The landfill will receive items that cannot be recycled and are unfit for donation. If this is important to you, conduct additional research to concentrate on those priorities because some businesses might go further than others to recycle or donate.

FAQ#2: How much does junk removal cost?

The majority of junk removal businesses base their fees on the total amount of room that your belongings will occupy in their truck. To give you a firm quote, they must see the items you wish to have hauled away. The cost of labor is typically also included in the quoted price. A price from a junk removal company will frequently be based on a truckload, be it a full truckload, half truckload, or quarter truckload. Junk removal companies typically use dump trucks that can hold 12 to 16 tons of material. When you ask them to remove just one or two items, there is frequently a minimum charge. Junk removal in St Petersburg FL typically costs between $99 and $125 to start, and up to $599 for a full load.

Our pricing at Bay Area Dumpster is determined by the amount of space your junk items occupy in our truck. At the beginning of every job, our helpful junk removal specialists can give you an exact estimate to make sure you get the best price possible. We take pride in providing transparent and simple pricing. You will always get a free, no-obligation estimate for the work before we start. For the most up-to-date information on how to modify our junk hauling services to meet your needs, please contact us. Your particular needs and requirements will determine the cost of each junk removal project.

Item Size And Pricing

The first component of our pricing is determined by how much room your junk takes up in our truck. Because we define a "large" item differently, we try to be consistent by setting the price based on how much space the items occupy in our trucks.

Your Location

Your location affects the second factor of our pricing. By city and region, different prices are charged. Because of this, we always provide a free, no-obligation estimate before beginning any junk pick-up service, with the option of getting started right away.

Reclaim Your Space With The Help Of Bay Area Dumpsters

If you need to declutter your home or get rid of heavy objects that are difficult to move yourself, junk removal is a practical option. However, you should be aware that some items are off-limits to junk removal services. The amount of debris that junk removal services can physically lift and load onto their trucks is another restriction.

We at Bay Area Dumpster uphold the principles of integrity, respect, and trust, and we are confident that our owners do the same. We take pride in hiring a lot of veterans and assisting them in establishing stability in daily life after serving our country. Our teams take pride in providing honest and transparent pricing for your junk removal needs because no two jobs are the same. Based on the amount of space your junk items occupy in our truck, our staff will offer a free, no-obligation estimate at the beginning of each job.

When you work with Bay Area Dumpster, you can relax knowing that we won't start working until you have an accurate estimate of the cost. We can handle this, so sit back and unwind. All of your unwanted junk and debris will be properly recycled, donated, and disposed of by us after we've done all the heavy lifting and sorting. Our services are reasonably priced and will help you reclaim your space while also saving you time, money, and stress. Call us at (727) 591-6975 today to get a free quote for your junk removal.


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