A lot of people ask us what we do with the junk that we pick up. There are a couple of things that we want to address here. Number one is that we are not going to be able to recycle everything. Many companies want to promise that they are super green and everything that you throw at them they can recycle. That’s a lie there is really no other way around that. If you want to find out more about the process that the junk that we pick up goes through, reading through this page.

Everything Goes To The Same Place
Hear us out on this because we know that if you just read the header you are going to get the wrong idea. We take all of the things that we pick up back to our headquarters where we ultimately separate them. We may make some type of separation on site of the junk if we have enough room in the dumpster just to make the job much easier. The reason why we separate off-site is that we want to allow you to use the whole dumpster without feeling like you need to start the recycling process right then and there.

Safely Disposing Of Risky Materials
We’ve mentioned that there are certain things that we don’t get involved in. These are things like toxic wastes, some medical wastes and other things like that. We can talk about whether or not we’ll be able to handle the type of waste that you have. Give us a call so we can help you explore your options. That being said, what we are mainly talking about here is batteries, glass, and other types of things that need to be disposed of in a very particular way. Also, they need to be handled accordingly. You can rest assured that we essentially have “protocols” for those types of waste.   

What About The Things That You Can’t Recycle?
We are going to try and recycle as many items as we can. It gives us no pleasure to just go out and dump everything in a landfill or burn it up or whatever method you want to use. We are going to be disposing of all of the things that we can’t recycle according to civil codes in specialized municipal facilities. We don’t have our own landfill or shady spot where we dump things out or anything like that.

Ask Away About Anything That You Want To Know
Every day more and more people are cognizant of the fact that recycling isn’t a trend or something that is popular. It's literally a need for this planet. As people become more and more aware of this we’ve seen an uptick in questions about our recycling methods. We are actually always actively looking to upgrade our methods by the way. If you have any doubts though, about how we recycle or how we deal with the garbage that we can’t really recycle be sure to give us a call and ask us directly.

How Dumpster Rentals Assists with Recycling?

A Recycling Dumpster

The first step in starting the recycling process is renting a dumpster. You can rent dumpsters from Bay Area Dumpsters in a range of sizes. Everyone needs a place to put their trash before they start recycling at home or at work. A large capacity can fit in a dumpster. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles are examples of objects that can take up a lot of room. When customers rent a dumpster, they don't have to be concerned about space.

Waste Disposal

It can be challenging and time-consuming to locate a recycling facility close to the business. When customers rent a roll-off dumpster for recycling, the recycling option makes sure the waste is taken to a recycling facility. You don't need to be concerned about where to dispose of your recycling waste. Make sure only the proper waste is disposed of in the dumpster rental. Recycling is less expensive because it doesn't factor in the value of the materials that will be recycled. There are a number of nearby recycling businesses that will take the trash, according to Bay Area Dumpsters.


When conditions are ideal, recycling can be effective. To prevent additional spills in the dumpster itself, reserve the dumpster in advance. Give the precise information regarding the time and place of the drop. After two weeks, the dumpster is automatically picked up. For the convenience of our clients and to save time, Bay Area Dumpsters accepts online appointments. Additionally, having a nearby dumpster rental makes it simple to dispose of trash when a recycling dumpster is full.


Specific guidelines on what should and shouldn't go into recycling garbage are provided with dumpster rentals. Clients can use the guidelines to quickly determine which waste should be recycled. The rules also prevent customers from contaminating the recycled trash. Clients can successfully recycle and maintain a clean environment by following the instructions.

Recycling Services for Residential Sector

You should try to avoid throwing your recyclable trash and waste into the waste stream whenever you can. This means you shouldn't dispose of these things in your household trash. It also entails avoiding dumping these materials in your neighborhood landfill. Additionally, it means that you shouldn't just drive to a lonely stretch of road or a vacant lot and dump it there. That is against the law and reckless. Recycling preserves raw materials used by businesses, lessens pollution, and keeps our environment clean. Additionally, it saves time and energy.

Recycling benefits the environment and the economy. Everyone should recycle, but especially establishments like shops, eateries, schools, and public spaces. Recycling in St Petersburg FL is easy with Bay Area Dumpsters. You don't have to lift a finger because we do it for you. Customers who use our residential services in St. Petersburg, FL are given a dumpster to put their regular trash in and fill it with recyclables. 

At our recycling facility, we will pick them up and sort the materials. To ensure that they fit neatly inside your recycling cart, large items like cardboard boxes should be disassembled. Together, we can safeguard the environment and create a future that is more sustainable. Call Bay Area Dumpsters to get going!

Recycling E-Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a problem that is expanding and has an effect on the environment as well as the economy. Both valuable and dangerous materials are present in these recyclable items. Up to a thousand parts make up a mobile phone, many of which are toxic heavy metals like beryllium, lead, mercury, and cadmium. Unfortunately, because so many of these devices are not recycled, substantial amounts of these materials end up in the soil, water, and atmosphere all over the world. In both animals and people, prolonged exposure to toxic heavy metals can have negative effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as the circulatory system.

Therefore, avoid throwing away your old phone, batteries, and electronic equipment. Recycle them, please! You don't have to worry about the pickup or disposal of those outdated items because Bay Area Dumpsters offers an effective, secure, and environmentally responsible e-waste removal service. Not only that, but we also make sure that your outdated electronics are disposed of properly. We ensure that your e-waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, whether still-working electronics are donated to a charity or recycled at a facility. We eliminate almost all varieties of e-waste, such as:
 - Computers
 - Monitors
 - Printers
 - Copy Machines
 - Shredders
 - Televisions

Recycling Appliances

Your old dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, ranges, washers, dryers, and HVAC equipment can all be disposed of with the help of Bay Area Dumpsters, saving you the trouble of transporting them to the dump. Additionally, we'll recycle your old appliances in an environmentally friendly way in addition to removing and hauling them away. Freon and other similar chemicals are found in some appliances, including refrigerators and air conditioners. These solvents need to be handled carefully because they are bad for the environment. Before the appliance itself can be recycled, freon needs to be collected by a recycling facility.

Recycling Furniture and Mattresses

Since used mattresses, box springs, and other large furniture pieces cannot be thrown in landfills, it can be challenging to dispose of them on your own. They do so because they have chemicals in them that are bad for the environment. The good news is that mattresses can even be recycled. In actuality, recycling is a viable option for almost 90% of the components in your old mattress. Additionally, the majority of furniture is constructed from materials that can be recycled or used again. Recycling your mattress and bed springs is made easy and environmentally friendly with the help of Bay Area Dumpsters. Recycling is not always an option because some furniture pieces may contain hazardous materials. The majority of furniture can be recycled most of the time, which is good news.

Recycling Services for Commercial Sector

Making a difference for the environment is possible with commercial recycling. Recycling can help you save money and show that you are committed to improving the environment by including it in your overall commercial waste management program. For business owners in St. Petersburg, Bay Area Dumpsters offers recycling services, such as paper and cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, glass recycling, and metal recycling. We can recycle many different kinds of materials, such as:
 - Mixed office paper
 - Cardboard
 - Electronics / Computers
 - Glass
 - Universal Waste
 - Food Waste / Composting
 - Fryer Oil / Grease Trap

Benefits of Implementing a Recycling Program On Your Business

Recycling is now a common practice with quantifiable environmental advantages. Implementing a commercial recycling service program on your property in St. Petersburg, FL has many benefits for you as a business owner or operator as well.
 - A recycling service program will enhance your company's reputation. By putting in place a recycling program on your commercial property, you demonstrate that you are concerned enough about the local, national, and international environment to change the way your company conducts business. Recycling service programs can even attract customers, tenants, or employees to your business thanks to this positive sustainability image.
 - Participating in a recycling service program reduces the amount of waste that enters your commercial dumpsters that is intended for landfills. You might be able to reduce the size, frequency of service, and cost of your dumpsters as well as other trash services like scheduled pickups by adding recycling dumpsters.
 - On all scales, recycling has a positive and obvious effect on the environment. You can contribute to the preservation of land and natural resources, as well as the reduction of energy consumption and global pollution caused by manufacturing processes, by installing recycling dumpsters on your commercial property.

Tips to Enhance Your Commercial Recycling Efforts

Teamwork is necessary to recycle. Clients and staff depend on you to make recycling possible, but you also depend on them to participate in your recycling program to make it successful. Bay Area Dumpsters can assist you whether you're starting a commercial recycling program from scratch or looking for ways to boost its effectiveness.
 - Ask for enough recycling dumpsters so that they are conveniently located throughout your property. Convenience can be increased by placing recycling dumpsters close to trash cans, and we'll make sure they're clearly marked to set them apart from other trash cans.
 - To prevent confusion and contamination, which only adds to the workload for your waste management service, post signage in prominent places specifying which materials can be collected for recycling. When training new employees, including information on recycling will ensure that habits form early and stick more readily.
 - For a commercial recycling center in St. Petersburg, FL, think about where you will store metal and electronic recycling for protection in between pick-ups.

Our Recycling Commitment to Customers and the Planet

Numerous new options are becoming available to our clients as the recycling market develops further. Recycling is one very practical choice. This procedure entails packing several materials into a single dumpster. Then, in order to allow for reuse, these materials are sorted and processed. Many people do not recycle trash despite having numerous opportunities to do so, according to Bay Area Dumpsters, which manages recycling trash in St. Petersburg, FL. Many people are unsure of what should be recycled and what should be reused. Others are unaware of the recycling drop-off locations. For these reasons, people choose to throw everything away, including recyclable materials. The drawback is that recyclable items can become contaminated and become useless.

We constantly track the market dynamics for goods like plastic, paper, and metals as the top dumpster rental service in St. Petersburg, FL. Then, we keep you informed about these market alterations and how they might affect the ROI of your recycling practices. A more organized and clutter-free environment can start with the removal of unnecessary clutter from homes and workplaces. For a free estimate on your disposal requirements or for more information on how to order a dumpster, call us at (727) 591-6975 right away and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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